Best Stardew Valley Crops and Farms Guide

If you are looking for a guide to farms and better Stardew Valley crops then you have come to the right place: prepare, grow, harvest and grow with our tutorial

Agriculture has trickery, especially if you’re looking for the best Stardew Valley crops. If you’ve just launched the game or you just do not know what the best crops are, then you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place.

Agriculture is an almost essential activity in Stardew Valley because of its huge earning potential as you can unlock new structures through the skills you get level after level. Farming is probably the most effective way to make money from the beginning of the game, in combination with other activities such as foraging and fishing.

Discover the best Stardew Valley crops in our farm guide

The best part of all this is that most of the time you just need water for your plants, waiting for them to grow and harvest, but the good practices of a successful farmer depend on you. This guide to agriculture in Stardew Valley will teach you a little about plant growth and quality, what to expect when the season’s change, the best skill bonuses for getting level 5 and 10 crops, and how to get sprinklers on your farm.

So without further ado, we go directly to our guide, but not without first reminding you that if you have little cash, you can also find a wonderful guide to money on our website that will be very useful. Ready to harvest a little? Well, let’s go there.

Let’s check out a complete¬†Stardew Valley Guide with tips.


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